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        工信部產業技術基礎公共服務平臺 國家中小企業公共服務示范平臺


        2019/5/6 10:20:42



        標題:Insider Threats: Manufacturing's Silent Scourge


        簡介:Like many industries, manufacturing is becoming more digitized and automated, with companies consistently creating new technology to stay one step ahead of competitors. This type of innovation can reap many rewards, but also comes with inherent risks—from major impacts to the bottom line to employees accidentally or maliciously leaking coveted information.Manufacturing is among the five industries with the highest percentages of insider threat incidents and privilege misuse, according to the Insider Threat Report recently published by Verizon. The average cost of insider threats is $8.86 million annually for a single manufacturing organization with more than 1,000 employees.

        來源:Mike McKee | Apr 25, 2019 IW




        標題:Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index: Managing the Digital Transformation of Companies


        簡介:This series comprises reports presenting the results of projects carriedout by the National Academy of Science and Engineering. The studiesare intended to provide informed assessments and future-orientedadvice for policymakers and society.Businesses and policymakers alike recognise the huge opportunitiesfor growth offered by digitalisation, interconnectedness andnew manufacturing technologies. Together, these phenomenaare driving new business models, sustainable and efficient use oflimited resources and the cost-effective production of highly customizableproducts. These developments are collectively referredto under the term “Industrie 4.0”, denoting an unprecedentedtransformation in industry, flexibility and agility





        標題:Perspectives and consequences of implementation and development digital economy


        簡介:In the article, it deals with necessity and consequences of digital economy introduction in modern society life. The strategy of the making “Digital” economy has been seen in the USA, positive and negative sides of the using different approaches of the formation “digital” economy have been analyzed, it’s basic directions in Russian Federation have been represented. Based on the study of the problems and perspectives of the developing digital economy, the conclusion of the necessity to provide the assessment of the scale of the negative impacts and innovations in the possibility of the minimizing them.

        來源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【語種】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.193【起止頁】: 6




        標題:Mechanical engineering – figures and charts 2019

        參考譯名:機械工程- 2019年數據和圖表

        簡介:After an unusually long period of sideways movement, the mechanical engineering industry experienced its second year of growth in 2018. Nominal turnover rose to 232.5 billion euros. In 2017, foreign orders were the growth driver for incoming orders, while domestic orders were the main driver last year. In addition to a new record in production, a new record was also reached in the number of employees. This once again makes mechanical engineering industry the largest industrial employer.Further short texts as well as tables and graphs on current economic developments, exports and other sector figures can be found in the bilingual brochure Mechanical engineering – figures and charts 2019.

        來源:01.04.2019 VDMA




        標題:Start Now: Profiting From the Digital Twin Can Take Time


        簡介:The concept of the Digital Twin is still evolving but it is powerful and self-evident enough that most manufacturers believe that they need it. Leading organizations expect that digital twins will help them deliver better products, services, and experiences to their customers, at lower costs than are currently possible. As digital replicas of physical (or cyber-physical) products, digital twins should act as crystal balls allowing engineering teams to understand how their products will behave and respond to real-world use and abuse, long before that information is needed.  As manufacturers move from selling products to increasingly offering product-based services, the lifespan and total lifecycle costs of their devices become more critical. If you can produce less expensively, then naturally your profit margins are higher. And here is the key to using a digital twin to improve your competitive position.

        來源: Manufacturing.net




        標題:A cyber physical system (CPS) approach for safe human-robot collaboration in a shared workplace


        簡介:Modem manufacturing systems require increased levels of automation for fast and low-cost production, but also high levels of flexibility and adaptability to dynamic production requirements. Human-robot interaction allows for closer collaboration in assembly tasks that require increased productivity by combining the performance of robotic systems with the flexibility and dexterity of human workers. However, the main challenge is establishing human safety while performing near to robots. Towards enabling safe human-robot collaboration several physical and software systems should be combined.

        來源:Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing: An International Journal of Manufacturing and Product and Process Development》年:2019,56 233243 




        標題:Evolution of clustering techniques in designing cellular manufacturing systems: A state-of-art review


        簡介:This paper presents a review of clustering and mathematical programming methods and their impacts on cell forming (CF) and scheduling problems. In-depth analysis is carried out by reviewing 105 dominant research papers from 1972 to 2017 available in the literature. Advantages, limitations and drawbacks of 11 clustering methods in addition to 8 meta-heuristics are also discussed. The domains of studied methods include cell forming, material transferring, voids, exceptional elements, bottleneck machines and uncertain product demands. Since most of the studied models are NP-hard, in each section of this research, a deep research on heuristics and metaheuristics beside the exact methods are provided. Outcomes of this work could determine some existing gaps in the knowledge base and provide directives for objectives of this research as well as future research which would help in clarifying many related questions in cellular manufacturing systems (CMS).

        來源:【刊名】:International Journal of Industrial Engineering ComputationsISSN】:1923-2926EISSN】:1923-2934【語種】:eng【出版信息】:2019 Vol.10 No.2【起止頁】: 177 - 198,22




        標題:Aggregate simulation modeling with application to setting the CONWIP limit in a HMLV manufacturing cell


        簡介:Concepts for aggregate modeling and simulation are presented and applied for the setting of the parameters of a CONWIP flow control system within the steel products cell at Grand Rapids Chair, a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environment. Aggregation was accomplished by combining the over 100 types of products into one. This resulted in a single arrival process, routing modeled as random movement through workstations, and a single operation time distribution for each production operation. Aggregation reduced the effort required for model development, data analysis, validation, and simulation. The CONWIP control was shown to be effective in managing the work-in-process. A CONWIP parameter of 50 resulted in an equivalent throughput to that achieved with no limit on work-in-process. Lead time can be reduced by approximately 20% by increasing the CONWIP parameter to 58.

        來源:【刊名】:International Journal of Industrial Engineering ComputationsISSN】:1923-2926

        EISSN】:1923-2934【語種】:eng【出版信息】:2019 Vol.10 No.2【起止頁】: 149 - 160,12





        標題:Active uncoiling and feeding of a continuum arm robot


        簡介:Continuum arms are becoming more popular for use in inspection and repair of hard to reach environments, typically in-situ. These applications characteristically have less space outside the scenario as well as internally. Previous approaches require a significant footprint in this area, potentially limiting the possible exploitations. The algorithm reported within this paper demonstrates a method to actively coil / uncoil a continuum arm on a helical drum, which can be applied to multiple trajectories within a practical computation time. Deviations from desired trajectory are below 3 mm or 1 degrees, individual steps calculated on average in 0.031 s, or complete computation for new trajectory within 170 s.

        來源:Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing: An International Journal of Manufacturing and Product and Process Development》年:2019,56 107116




        標題:Robot-assisted incremental sheet metal forming under the different forming condition


        簡介:Incremental sheet metal forming (ISF) is an emerging technology where the sheet is deformed incrementally by a stylus tool using a predefined tool path. Higher formability and process flexibility as compared to conventional forming can be achieved by this process. However, forming steeper wall angle parts in single-stage forming has been a challenging task in ISF. In this work, a robotic manipulator has been used to manipulate sheet metal with respect to tool to form steeper wall angle parts in a single stage. Process parameters have been varied to investigate the fracture limit of the sheet at steep wall angle. Effect of part inclination and part rotation using the designed manipulator on the formability of the sheet has been investigated. Analytical investigation of the effect of parameters on forming force and formability has been discussed and later validated by numerical simulation and experiments. The results show that the formability of the sheet changes by varying these process parameters. Formability can be improved by changing the part inclination and part rotation.

        來源:刊名《Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering》年:2019,41(2) 總頁數:12 語種:英語 分類號:TH11 ISSN1678-5878





        標題:Europe’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2023

        參考譯名: 歐洲新車市場:2023年展望

        簡介:Despite the opportunities offered by the new EU-Japan trade deal, European automotive industry stakeholders are preparing for the impact of slowing economic growth across Europe, uncertainty caused by ongoing Brexit negotiations, the threat of escalating global trade tensions and renewed concern about Italian debt. Against this background, it is perhaps a little surprising that the current outlook for vehicle demand is fairly benign,” said Jonathan Storey, author of Automotive World’s European market outlook report, which covers 30 EU and EFTA markets.

        來源:AW 2019/04/11




        標題:Zero-Emission Trucking Moves Forward

        參考譯名: 零排放卡車又向前邁進一步

        簡介:Toyota, Kenworth, the Port of Los Angeles and the California Air Resources Board (CARB)  unveiled on April 22 the first of Toyota and Kenworth’s jointly developed fuel cell electric heavy-duty trucks. The new generation zero-emission truck expands on the capabilities of Toyota’s first two Project Portal Proof-of-Concept trucks through enhanced capability, packaging, and performance while offering an estimated range of more than 300 miles per fill, twice that of a typical drayage trucks average daily duty cycle.

        來源:MH&L  2019/04/23





        標題:Campden BRI launches research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit food industry

        參考譯名:Campden Bri發起了一個研究項目,評估3D打印如何造福食品行業

        簡介:Campden BRI have begun a research project to evaluate how 3D printing could benefit the food industry.

        3D printing of food is a rapidly growing technology and new 3D printers are now becoming available that can be used for various types of food materials. Paste-type foods, such as chocolate, purees and pastry can be formed into any shapes and structures using 3D printing technology. Campden BRI's team are looking into every possibility to see what is capable of being rolled out into mass production.

        來源:3ders.org  Apr 22, 2019




        標題:New technique uses ultrasound to align living cells in 3D bioprinted tissues


        簡介:One of the ways of making bioengineered tissues is to embed living cells within 3D printed structures. But one challenge has been organizing the cells in 3D bioprinted gels, so that the engineered tissue more closely mimics natural tissues. Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a way to improve the characteristics of artificial tissues by using ultrasound to align living cells during the biofabrication process.

        來源:3ders.org  Apr 11, 2019




        標題:COS and Arthur Mamou-Mani present 3D printed bioplastic Conifera pavilion in Milan

        參考譯名:COSArthur Mamou-Mani在米蘭展出3D打印生物塑料Conifera展館

        簡介:Fashion brand COS has teamed up with French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani to present a large-scale 3D printed architectural installation made from renewable bioplastic bricks at this year's Milan design week.

        Situated in Milan’s 16th century Palazzo Isimbardi, the geometry of Conifera is inspired by the motif of the Palace, through the courtyard to the tiles. The 30-metre-long installation, Conifera was created from 700 interlocking modular bio-bricks, 3D printed in a mix of wood and polylactic acid (PLA). Each bio-brick is printed in the form of interlocking structural lattices, optimizing material use and allowing light to permeate the structure as visitors travel through the installation. They are then secured together using PLA cable ties. Mamou-Mani has teamed up with the Italian company WASP to create all of bioplastic modules over a period of two months using four Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 3D printers, with each print taking between four and a half to seven hours.

        來源:3ders.org  Apr 9, 2019





        標題:30 Nations Pitch Internet Security Rules Amid Huawei Concern


        簡介:PRAGUE (AP) — Cybersecurity officials from dozens of countries on Friday proposed a set of principles to ensure the safety of next generation mobile networks amid concerns over the use of gear made by China's Huawei.The non-binding proposals were published at the end of a two-day meeting in Prague to discuss the security of new 5G networks.The U.S. has been lobbying allies to ban Huawei from 5G networks over concerns China's government could force the company to give it access to data for cyberespionage. Huawei, the world's biggest maker of telecom infrastructure equipment, has denied the allegations.The proposals reflected security concerns, with some wording that also appeared to be aimed at raising the bar for Chinese suppliers. The document said "security and risk assessment of vendors and network technologies" should be taken into account, as well as "the overall risk of influence on a supplier by a third country," especially its "model of governance."






        標題:How can UK manufacturers stay competitive during industry highs and lows?


        簡介:In March 2019, the British manufacturing sector experienced its best month in over a year. However, this is partially due to increased outputs and record levels of stockpiling driven by ongoing Brexit uncertainty. Therefore, despite the industry hitting a 13-month high, it’s important that manufacturers do what they can to remain one step ahead. In order to do this, it is imperative that organisations adopt technologies that enable them to stay productive and agile as the manufacturing landscape continues to evolve.

        來源:全球制造業雜志 2019/04/27




        標題:ISM: Employment and Tariffs Still a Challenge for Manufacturing

        參考譯名: ISM:就業和關稅仍是制造業面臨的挑戰

        簡介:The PMI report, issued by The Institute for Supply Management, showed that manufacturing expanded in April, and the overall economy grew for the 120th consecutive month. The PMI registered 54.8 percent, a decrease of 2.5 percentage points from the March reading of 55.3 percent. Timothy R. Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M., chair of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, explains that the real story of the past month can be found on the consumption side of things, which includes employment and production. ISM’s Employment Index registered 52.4 percent in April, a decrease of 5.1 percentage points when compared to the March reading of 57.5 percent.

        來源:美國制造業網M.NET  2019/05/03




        標題:Energy businesses not yet geared for cybersecurity – Inmarsat Enterprise


        簡介:energy businesses are exposing themselves to security risks by failing to address weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses, says Inmarsat Enterprise.

        Businesses in the energy sector recognise that their approaches to cybersecurity must be strengthened, but are not yet taking the practical steps to safeguard their industrial Internet of Things (IoT) deployments,” notes Inmarsat

        The communication services company undertook a study that surveyed 125 businesses across the energy industry, which revealed that 74% of respondents admitted that their processes to combat cybersecurity threats were lacking, while 73% of them reported that more could be done to protect against data mishandling.

        來源:engineeringnews  26 APRIL 2019




        標題:Producing Fuels From Air-Conditioning Systems


        簡介:Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the University of Toronto have proposed a method enabling air conditioning and ventilation systems to produce synthetic fuels from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water from the ambient air. Compact plants are to separate CO2 from the ambient air directly in buildings and produce synthetic hydrocarbons which can then be used as renewable synthetic oil. The team now presents this "crowd oil" concept in Nature Communications. To prevent the disastrous effects of global climate change, man-made greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to "zero" over the next three decades. This is clear from the current special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The necessary transformation poses a huge challenge to the global community: entire sectors such as power generation, mobility, or building management must be redesigned. In a future climate-friendly energy system, synthetic energy sources could represent an essential building block: "If we use renewable wind and solar power as well as carbon dioxide directly from the ambient air to produce fuels, large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided," says Professor Roland Dittmeyer from the Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT) at KIT.






        標題:Distributed Control Allocation for Spacecraft Attitude Takeover Control via Cellular Space Robot


        簡介:Researchers have developed new design pattems for spacecraft by brealdng down the monolithic morphology into cellularized architectural units. The CellSat is a cellularized satellite that includes the cells and connector pins. The CellSat is maintained by a specialized space manipulator. DARPA' s Phoenix program is designed to harvest the antenna of retired satellite and aggregate the cells "satlets" with it to build new satellites. The HISat is one of the satlet designs developed by Novawurks. The Intelligent Building Blocks for On-orbit-Satellite Servicing (i BOSS)  is a cellularized spacecraft designed to facilitate the on-orbit service and maintenance.

        來源:【刊名】:Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics: A Publication of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Devoted to the Technology of Dynamics and ControlISSN】:0731-5090【出版年】:2018【卷】:41【期】:11




        標題:SpaceX offers new details on Crew Dragon test anomaly


        簡介:WASHINGTON — A SpaceX executive May 2 provided new details about, but no cause of, an incident that destroyed a Crew Dragon spacecraft during a ground test last month.

        Hans Koenigsmann, vice president of build and flight reliability at SpaceX, said at a NASA briefing about the upcoming launch of a cargo Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station that the anomaly took place just before the ignition of the SuperDraco thrusters on the spacecraft during an April 20 test at the company’s Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

        來源:spacenews  May 2, 2019




        標題:Loft Orbital fills first condosat, preps for quarterly launches

        參考譯名:Loft Orbital公司已為第一顆衛星填滿了燃料,并預定于20201月通過航天工業發射

        簡介:WASHINGTON — Loft Orbital, a company preparing a constellation to carry payloads for customers who don’t want to operate their own satellites, has filled up its first satellite and booked a January 2020 launch through Spaceflight Industries.

        San Francisco-based Loft Orbital will carry five customer payloads on its first mission, designated YAM-2, Alex Greenberg, Loft Orbital co-founder and head of operations, told SpaceNews. Greenberg said the satellite will launch aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle to low Earth orbit.

        Greenberg said the YAM-2 satellite will use a chassis from Blue Canyon Technologies, and has a mass slightly under 100 kilograms. Customers on the mission include hyperspectral imaging startup Orbital Sidekick, blockchain startup SpaceChain, and a UAE government agency, he said. Greenberg declined to identify the other two customers for YAM-2, but said one is an established geostationary satellite operator.

        來源:spacenews  May 2, 2019





        標題:Fuel Preferences for Marine Diesel Engine: The Advantages and Disadvantages


        簡介:In today's fast-paced development, the use of correct and efficient fuel is truly significant to a developing nation. The study of fuel must be well investigated before any company purchase and use it. There are many factors needed to consider looking into those that can harm and those that can help boost investments. This reading focuses particularly on marine diesel fuel efficiency and performance. The two major varieties of fuels which marine diesel engine uses are the marine diesel oil (MDO) and the heavy fuel (HFO).

        來源:【刊名】:International Journal of Engineering Research and ApplicationsISSN】:2248-9622

        【語種】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.8 No.6